Solo and Ensemble Festival

The solo and ensemble festival takes place at the high school in March. 

Students from the junior and senior high schools may choose to participate by preparing and performing instrumental or choral pieces as solos or in small groups. They perform these pieces before judges, who follow up each performance with a short "master class," including suggestions for polishing the piece further. Scores are posted in the commons area after the performances. 

Family and friends are encouraged to attend the performances. 

Honors Students

Any high school senior who has elected to take the honors option for either band or chorus must perform a solo at this event and include an oral presentation on the piece as part of their grade for the class. 


The choir teachers accompany all choral performances. Instrumental soloists will need to make their own arrangements to hire accompanists. The band directors have a list of local accompanists; it's best to make arrangements by the end of January to ensure an accompanist is available.