Summer Uniform

Note: all summer uniform pieces are owned by the student and it is the student’s responsibility to arrive dressed in this uniform.

  • Marching Band T Shirt and Shorts (purchased the first year of band)
  • Plain white ankle length socks
  • Plain white athletic shoes
  • Long hair pulled back in a ponytail
  • No jewelry, makeup, or nail polish

Formal Uniform

  • Dress Uniform, socks, shoes, gloves, hat (all stored at the school)
  • Grey shirt and shorts or long underwear(provided by the student)
  • Long hair worn up under the hat
  • No jewelry, makeup, or nail polish 


Students may not eat while in uniform, so please be sure your child is fed before getting dressed. Students may drink water while in uniform, but nothing else.

Uniforms at Different Events

Dress uniform is worn at all competitions. Summer uniforms are worn at most parades. Football game attire varies depending on the weather.

Before each event, the uniform parents will send out an announcement regarding the attire required for the event. This announcement will be sent to the Booster Band Parents email list as well.