Signing Up for Marching Band

The band directors share the Marching Band Handbook with all students in grades 8-11 in late winter/early spring on Google Classroom. Be sure to ask your student for access to this document. The Boosters will post this packet on our Forms page on this website as well.

This packet includes:

  • Basic information about marching band, including the grading policy, attendance requirements,  and the Marching Band fees (See “Band Fees and Expenses” below for more details.)
  • The summer band camp schedule
  • The school year rehearsal schedule
  • The performance schedule
  • The student/parent commitment letter
  • The band medical form

To sign your child up for band, complete and return the commitment letter and medical form via the google form links shared with students. The band directors design the show around the number of students who have returned these documents, so please be sure your child knows they are making a commitment to participate in marching band for the next school year.

Do NOT pay any fees in the spring. The band fees outlined in this packet are not due until the start of band camp in the summer. (See “Band Fees and Expenses” for more details.)