Band Fees and Expenses

Required Band Fees

Marching Band Fees as outlined in that year’s Marching Band Handbook (see Forms & Documents page) checks payable to M-S Music and turned into Mr. Stevens). These fees cover:
  • Dress uniform expenses, including uniform cleaning, white gloves, white socks, and marching shoes. Dress uniform pieces remain the property of the school and remain at the school.
  • Summer uniform shirt and shorts. The students will own these items and keep them at home. These items only need to be purchased the first year unless a student chooses to pay for additional shirts and/or shorts in subsequent years.
  • Chart book
  • Guard outfits and flags
  • Allerton Retreat (see Allerton Retreat page)
School Activity Fee ($35), payable to CUSD#3 and paid online at the district web store or at registration. This is the same activity fee used for all non-athletic activities. If your student has paid for two activities for the current school year already, all additional activities are free.

Other Required Expenses

  • Plain, all-white athletic shoes for use with the summer uniform
  • Plain, white ankle socks (above the shoe line by about an inch or so) for use with the summer uniform
  • *Grays: plain grey T shirt and plain grey shorts or long underwear bottoms to be worn under the dress uniform (*no grays will be required for the 2020 marching season)

Optional Expenses

  • Show Shirts: T-shirts and hoodies based on the current year’s show theme. These are offered for sale by the Music Boosters and may be ordered during the week of Band Camp (See “Booster Band Packet” on the Forms & Documents page during Band Camp week in August.)

  • *Photo Buttons: Buttons with photos of individual band students, usually worn by fans during football games. These are offered for sale by the Music Boosters and may be ordered during the week of Band Camp (See “Booster Band Packet” on the Forms & Documents page .) *Photo Buttons will not be offered for the 2020 marching season.

  • Section Shirts: Each section usually designs its own unique shirt. The design and sale of these shirts is coordinated by section leaders.

  • Fan Attendance at Performances: Modest admission fees are charged at MSHS football games and the band competition events in October.

  • Videos: Video footage of the season may be available for free on the Music Boosters Facebook Page.