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Madrigal Auditions

Madrigal auditions are held in the spring. Any students entering grades 9-12 are welcome to audition. 

Jester/Wench Auditions

The auditions for the roles of jester and/or wench take place before all other madrigal auditions. The jester and wench serve as emcees for the madrigal dinner and must display acting ability as well as strong singing skills. 

Madrigal Workshop

Any student wishing to audition for madrigals must attend the workshop. Returning first-year madrigals must attend as well as new applicants.

First Round of Auditions

Students not scheduled to be in Chamber Choir for the upcoming school year will participate in an initial round of auditions, during which they perform individually for the directors. Depending on the number of students involved, these auditions will take place one or two days after school. The directors will select students from this round to advance to the second round.

Students already assigned to Chamber Choir do not need to participate in the first round of auditions; their successful audition for the 2nd hour choir serves as their first audition.

Second Round of Auditions

For the second round of auditions, students will be assigned to quartets (one each on the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass parts) and perform one or two assigned madrigal songs for a team of judges.

Depending on the number of students auditioning for madrigals, some students may need to participate in more than one group to balance out the parts. These students will be judged only in their first performances.