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Madrigal Attire

Casual Attire

For informal performances throughout the year, the madrigals wear special polos and khaki pants or skirts. New members and those needing replacement shirts order them at the first rehearsal.

Madrigal Costumes

The madrigals wear full renaissance costumes for the madrigal dinners and other holiday performances. Students have several options for these costumes:

  • Select a costume from the music department's collection. Students who choose this option will be fitted during the first rehearsal.

  • Make a costume and keep it. The music department has several patterns. If the student chooses to provide his or her own pattern, it must be approved by the directors. Fabric choices must also be approved by the directors. Please note that madrigal costumes can be expensive to make.

  • Make a costume and be reimbursed by the department. The music department will reimburse costume expenses up to a maximum amount, but the costume then becomes the property of the department when the student leaves the madrigal group.
Costumes must be completely finished by the end of September, in time for program photos.


All students (whether borrowing or making a costume) must provide their own:
  • Black slippers (see the directors for typical men's and women's designs)

  • Black tights (Any black tights will work, but dance tights designed for men are the most durable and may last for several years. Dance tights may be purchased a dance specialty shops or online.)

  • Jewelry (for women)