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High School Choirs

There are three high school choirs
  • Concert Choir 
  • Treble Choir 
  • Chamber Choir 

Concert Choir is open to all students. Treble Choir is open to all female students.  Ladies who are in Concert Band will be placed in Concert Choir, meeting in choir and band on alternate days. Ladies who are not in band or Chamber Choir will be placed in either Concert or Treble Choir at the discretion of the director.

Chamber Choir is an audition-only choir, open to those in grades 10-12. Auditions take place early in the second semester before class scheduling begins. Students who are in both choir and band must audition for, and make, both Wind Ensemble and Chamber Choir in order to be placed in the 5th hour music classes.


The concert season includes three concerts:

  • The fall concert in November. This is concert includes all high school choirs and the madrigals.
  • The winter concert in February, which includes all high school bands and choirs
  • The "POPS" concert in May, which includes all bands for grades 7-12

Concert Attire

Concert Choir and Chamber Choir participants wear school-provided choir formal attire for the November and February concerts. Treble Choir students may wear their own black choir formal attire. All students must provide their own black shoes and black socks or tights. They must bring these shoes to choir at the beginning of the year when teachers and parent volunteers fit them with their attire.

The  "POPS" concert is more casual. Students may wear clean, neat casual clothes that follow the school dress code.