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Marching Competition Schedules

The 2019 marching band competition schedules will be updated as we receive more information.
Links in the competition names lead to the Illinois Marching website
*Times are subject to change until announced in official communication to the band by Mr. Stevens.

2019 - Saturday, October 5: Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL
Performance time: 7 pm
1:45pm – Meet at HS for pre-competition practice
2:50pm – Load Trailers
3:20pm - Load Buses
3:30pm – Depart for Charleston
4:40pm – Arrive, Unload, and change into uniform
6:00pm – Warm-up
7:00pm – Performance Time
7:15pm – Change into street clothes and load trailers
7:45pm – Eat Dinner at Stadium *Bring Money*
9:00pm – EIU BAND and AWARDS
10:00pm – Load Buses and Depart
11:15pm – Approximate return time to Mahomet

2019 - Saturday, October 12: Illinois Wesleyan University
Bloomington, IL
Performance Time*: 8:45 pm
3:15pm – Meet at HS for Pre-Competition practice
4:20pm – Load Trailer
4:50pm – Load Buses
5:00pm – Depart for Bloomington (Bring something to eat on bus)   
6:00pm – Arrive, unload and change into uniform
7:30pm – Warm-up
8:45pm – Performance Time
9:00pm – Watch Morton from Sideline
9:15pm – Normal Band and Awards
9:45pm – Change into street clothes
10:10pm – Load buses and depart
11:15pm – Approximate return time to Mahomet

2019 - Saturday, October 19: St. Louis Bands of America Super-Regional
701 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, MO
Performance Time*: 11:45 am
5:45am – Meet at HS
6:15am – Load Buses
6:30am – Depart for St. Louis
9:30am – Arrive, unload, and change into uniform
10:40am – Warm-up
11:45am – Performance Time
12:00pm – Change into street clothes and load trailers
12:30pm – Eat Lunch in Stadium and watch bands
3:45pm – Prelims Awards Ceremony
4:30pm – Load buses
5:15pm – Dinner
8:45pm – Approximate Return Time to Mahomet

Champaign, IL
Performance Time*: 10:45 am
6:30am - Meet at School for rehearsal
7:10am - Load equipment and dress into uniform 
7:50am - Load Buses
8:00am - Depart for Champaign
8:30am - Arrive and unload
9:30am - Move to Warm-up
10:45am - Performance Time
11:00am - Pictures
11:20am - Change into Street Clothes and Load equipment
12:00pm - Lunch in Stadium and Watch Bands (Bring money)
2:15pm - Marching Illini and Awards
3:15pm - Load Buses
3:45pm - Approximate Return Time to Mahomet