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Friday, Sept 14: Help needed at halftime

posted Sep 13, 2018, 7:47 PM by Meg Loven

From Susan A:

This Friday 9/14 @ 7PM is a home football game. Please sign up to help move the drum major stands, pit equipment, and to help with the sound system at

In case you don't know what is required (I did put notes in the signup spots), here is a summary of what is expected at the games. Plan to meet at the tower or the band room around 5:45 (depending on where the kids are).

·         SOUND: make sure you come early to the field to make sure the power is run from the press box, so it can all be hooked up at half-time.

·         DRUM MAJOR STANDS: They must be moved from the tower when practice is done to the furthest part of the fence on the field, except for 1 that will be used for the Star Spangled Banner at 7PM on the 50 yard line and the track, then it will be immediately moved to the fence after. 

·         PIT INSTRUMENTS: Some need help moving their equipment down to the field after their practice to put behind the student bleachers.

·         HALF TIME: everyone meets 5 minutes before half-time to line up on the track to move the equipment to the field for the performance. The largest drum stand needs 2-3 people and should be assembled on the track before half-time so it is ready to roll to the 50 yard line. The 2 smallest stands go on the front 30 yard lines, the 2nd largest stand goes to the back 50 yard line.

·         AFTER THE PERFORMANCE: drum major stands go back up to the tower, all other pit & sound equipment will go to the band room. You're then free to enjoy the rest of the game.

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